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Mists of Ravenloft is my home in , Which is a Virtual city, where you can meet lots of nice, interesting people, who are always willing to help you in any way if they can. The following is a list of the residents who live in the mists.
Name title
Vialle NL/BL
Prusa Block Deputy
Nitemist Citizen
Stinkweed1 Citizen
Limmer1 Citizen
IKOMA Citizen
Floater Citizen
CrazyPringle Citizen
DodgyG33zer Citizen
Papafox Citizen
Relan Citizen
Livelife Citizen
Blondey Citizen
Farren Citizen
WISDOM Citizen
Wildfire Citizen
Darksider Citizen
gav Citizen
Korean_Angelfire Citizen
Gorghn Citizen
ChaCous Citizen
Vidhurr Citizen
waiting4u Citizen
Cojo Citizen
Tommy2000 Citizen
boobear Citizen
Thwag Citizen
Dez7 Citizen
Whitedragons Citizen
Whitedragoness Citizen
Damien Citizen
Countrylady Citizen
nude Citizen

Whitedragoness and I were married on Dec. 7,1998, at 12:30am in the FunPark at Colony City by the Mayor, Guy_Work...

This guy here is Nitemist,one of my best friends in Colony city and he was kind enough to be my best man on short notice and for that I thank him very much..?Bo)

mmmmm. This is the kiss that sealed the marriage, it was a fantastic kiss as is every kiss I can get from Whitedragoness..*CG*

and here we are flying off to our honeymoon..*Big Grin*

Click here to see a world I created for dragoness and I..but to view it you will need a plugin made by blaxxun 3d.
click here to get the pluggin..

I am now a proud member of the WorldBuilders Guild, our duty is to make worlds for the citizens of CoCi to enjoy and have fun with.My Sweetheart Dragoness now the Chief of CoCi`s new clubs section and they couldn`t have made a better choice. she wants to do so much for clubs and loves helping people..

These are all the av`s that I have made and use in Colony City, if you see one that you like and you are a resident in Colony City and would like to use one, just look me up and ask and I`ll give you the URL...

Here are the links to my Av`s if you would like to use them, feel free..hope you enjoy them..?Bo)
Baby Dragon
Dragon coming out of a cave
Poppa Smurf
Security Mustang
Smiley Face
Baby Dragon
Dragon rider
Easter Bunny
Flying Dragon
Dragon Lord
Party Drac