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When Special people touch our lives
When Special people touch our lives

Then suddenly we see how beautiful and wonderful our world can really be..

They show us our special hopes and dreams can take us far, by helping us look inward and believe in who we are.
They bless us with their love and joy through everything they give When Special people touch our lives, they teach us how to live..

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A friend is a person with
you dare to be yourself.

I want just one thing. To live
enough to pay back in some
way your
undeserved and overwhelming generosity.

In loneliness, in sickness, in
confusion - the mere
knowledge of friendship
makes it possible to endure,
even if the friend is
powerless to help. It is
enough that they exist.
Friendship is not diminished
by distance or time, by
imprisonment or war, by
suffering or silence. It is in
these things that it roots most
deeply. It is from
these things that it flowers.

A real friend is one who
walks in
when the rest of the world
walks out.

I love you not for what you
but for what I am when I am
with you.
I love you not only for what
you have made
of yourself, but for what you
are making of me.
I love you because you have
done more than
any creed could have done
to make me good,
and more than any fate
could have done to
make me happy.
You have done it without a
without a word, without a
You have done it by being
yourself. Perhaps that
is what being a friend
means, after all.